In case you are thinking about processing the commitment of vehicles you will have to know this. In principle the commitment of vehicles is a loan that has the highest approval rate, this is clearly seen in 70 applications out of 100 are approved.

What needs to be clarified is that the approval rate does not usually coincide with the signature rate, there are several reasons to explain all this.

It is clear that the client at the end is the one who decides whether or not to sign the financing, although financial advisors usually advise clients according to financial knowledge. If they think that pawning the vehicle does not suit the needs of the customer, they will let them know.

What success rate is there?

At present there are more than 50% of the operations in the form of commitment that are approved and that in the end end up being discouraged for customers. A clear example is when customers do what they are looking for a loan to pay it back in the medium term, customers that are often discouraged from using this option.

The effort is quite useful, but whenever it is considered in the short term and when as a client it is planned to cancel it in a short time. There are other companies that do not have this advice, but in the end what they will do is have a significantly higher delinquency rate.

The honesty of a company is based on its operation and we always want to evaluate all the ways that customers have to face their situation. This is not a matter of saying yes and waiting for the customer to pay us to release his car.

Our commitment is to give that financing that you need so much to solve your problems, not create others. The financial companies that are not responsible for advising their clients, letting themselves be the ones who analyze the financial situation they have, no doubt sign more loans, but then suffer the defaults.

As you can see, there is a more sensible way for both clients and pawn companies to have a relationship as it should be, where people seek solutions to their problems and companies solve them conveniently.

We know that when a person resorts to car efforts

He is in a delicate situation and is looking for quick solutions, so our situation is in no case making things more difficult.

Our recommendation is that you see well the possibilities that you have and that you have no problem in resorting to us to ask the questions that you have. The solution to your problems may be closer than you think and for this you do not have to discard any of the solutions presented.

Your car and its commitment are a completely successful solution for a large number of cases. So you know if you have any questions we will gladly solve it in PrestoMisaga.

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